XoDev d.o.o. is a new company founded in 2015. The lead programmer and director brings over 15 years of experience in web programming. After many years of freelancing and working for other companies, he decided to step into the world of small business owners.

The company’s resources do not end there. We have a small but trusted network of partners who bring special skills: designers, project managers and programmers.

XoDev does not take projects at all costs. We will not take on a project unless we can deliver.

Company Registration

“Over the years of working on web development projects, I found a simple fact to be true: all clients, whether individuals, corporations, small businesses or organizations, want the same thing – to be heard. Their ideas are refined through the development process. Working together means sitting down, discussing ideas, brainstorming, trying things out and finding a better solution or more creative solution. This is the point where we stop being client and developer and, instead, become part of the same team.”

Miloš Kostić, Director, XoDev d.o.o.